Getting More Out Of Your Mobile Phone Battery

In the beginning of Apple’s iDevice revolution with their first classic iPod, it came as a nasty surprise to many people that the soldered-on built-in battery didn’t last as long as they wanted. It didn’t last enough hours on a charge and its ability to retain a charge rapidly fell once it been in use for a few months. Things haven’t been much different with their popular iPhone either. An iPhone 3GS with a new battery can just drain itself completely through a day just staying on. IPhone enthusiasts try all kinds of tricks to make that mobile phone battery last. They try turning the brightness of the screen down and all other kinds of experience-degrading tricks and find that there is practically nothing that works. They then try sending it in because they suspect a defective battery. But one needs to realize at some point that when it comes to smart phones with their myriad functions, batteries just can’t last without some special know-how (unless we’re talking about a 5000mAH aftermarket battery).

When they design features for smartphones, they must completely overlook the fact that phones are meant to be use without being tethered to a charger all day. Consider all the power-sucking features they design into smartphones these days – GPS checks, background apps, Push e-mail and so much more that constantly use up the battery even when you’re not doing anything yourself.

If you have two or three e-mail accounts on your smartphone, your mobile phone battery might as well be half its size for all the use you’ll get out of it. Since your phone would like to show you all your current e-mail, it just keeps going and checking all your e-mail accounts four times every hour. Make sure that you don’t burden your battery with looking for e-mail that might not even be there; you could just turn the Push feature off and set your email program to manual mode instead. This one move on its own could save you hours of battery life every day.

There are lots of apps on smartphones these days that like to keep checking for your GPS location. Sometimes they use GPS, sometimes they use Wi-Fi or cell tower triangulation. If you’re like most people, you’re going to have at least 10 apps on your smartphone that have location sensitivity. Turn those off and you could get a 10% increase in battery life.

People tend to use their smartphones as if they were computers. You can easily keep a dozen background apps open and leave them there if you’re not careful. All those programs use up power.

You’re probably wondering about how background apps can use anything since in that state, you’ve always been told that they are kind of on standby. Nevertheless, turning background apps off does work. You’ll find your battery last much longer this way.

There’s more options too, even though the battery may not instantly appear to be able to be accessed straight away to be swapped out. One great example is Tom Ericson’s EZ battery reconditioning technique that you can buy online, and learn more about on this website.

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