Solving Battery Life – The Reconditioning Review

How is it that Apple, time and again, manages to find things that we really want that no one else seems to know about? Even when the thing in question is right before us? For instance, take the old idea of the Ultrabook – if you think about it, it seems pretty easy to know that the computer-buying public would want a very light, powerful and beautiful laptop, right? And yet, every computer company out there that stares at their laptop range day in and day out, just couldn’t see it. They just couldn’t see what Apple saw in the MacBook Air idea. Of course, Windows computer manufacturers have come back since then with all kind of ultrabook options. If you’re a Windows fan, these are the best lightweight laptops on the market.

Dell has a good reputation for customer service. When you make a product complaint, they come in and they completely take care of it. The XPS 13 is Dell’s 13.3 inch entry in the ultrabook races. Typically, you wouldn’t really think of Dell for the best-looking computers around. Well, they’ve change that somewhat with this product.

It feels the weighty thisa book – weighing in at 3 pounds; but everywhere else, it’s quite spectacular. It’s only 1 foot wide, the keyboard is a pleasure to use, ideo playback is spectacular, and it starts up in a shade over 15 seconds. And oh, the battery will take you through more than three back to back viewings of Titanic.

The HP Envy14 Spectre is even heavier – 4 pounds. But they don’t let all that weight go to waste. They give you an adapter to wirelessly connect to your HDTV, you can use nearfield communications and communicate with your smartphone, and nearly the entire laptop was made out of Gorilla glass. The audio is very good, and the battery again goes nine hours. But at $1400, it’s $400 more expensive than the Dell.

These two really are the best lightweight laptops. There are other top brands in the game though – if you don’t really mind seven hour battery life.

The Samsung Series 5 ULTRA is a 14 inch ultra book that offers something you will see in no other product’s a DVD burner. And it uses a regular hard drive – not the solid-state kind that of other offer books use. And they managed to keep the price down to nine dollars. If you don’t mind how the DVD drive drains your battery will that, this should be one of the best lightweight laptops ever.

Battery reconditioning is a great way to get better battery life too. It can make a huge difference not only to laptops and notebooks, but also to cell phones as well. Come to think of it, it’s anything that’s got a reasonably accessible battery, so cars and other vehicles can benefit too. Learn more over at

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